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PLEASE NOTE: The information given on this site is for general information only. It should not be considered as medical advice. As with all physical and medical conditions you should always consult your doctor or health care professional.

Q: What is the right hairdo for my face?
A: Long faces - Cut your hair above your shoulders, with long layers and a side parting. Under no circumstances should you use a centre parting.
Square faces - It's best if your hair is cut above or below your jaw line, in layers. No centre partings.
Oval faces - You're in luck, just about any length and style works for you. Round faces - Wear your hair cut below the chin, with shorter layers in front. Avoid full fringes. Heart shapedvfaces - Cut hair shoulder­length, and go for fullness from your chin down with waves or soft layers.

Q: Are salon products any better than products purchased in drugstores supermarkets?
A: Well actually yes. Most salon brands use gentler surfactants in more concentrated amounts. Also, many “drugstore” brands produce products with an end price point in mind, limiting the quality or amount of ingredients vital to maintain healthy hair.

Q: I have used “conditioners” but they all seem to weigh my hair down. Is there a solution?
A: Yes. First let me address the problem. The reasons your hair may be weighted down are:
1. You should not use the product as often
2. The molecular weight of the product is too high. High molecular weighted products can coat the hair and cause over protection.
3. You may be using too much of the product
4. You may be using the improper type of “conditioner”. Conditioners generally fall into 4 categories:
   a. Reconstructors - make the hair stronger
   b. Rinses and Acidifiers - close the cuticle and seal the hair
   c. Moisturisers - balance the moisture content in the cortex of the hair
   d. Thermal protectors - prevent heat damage before it starts
Generally, polymeric products have high molecular weights. Look for products that contain Hydrolysed human hair Keratin Protein. Products with Hydrolized human hair Keratin Protein generally are best because the products generally have low molecular weights. This provides for a superior product that does not weigh the hair down.

Q: I can never get my hair to style the same way they do in the salon, why?
A: One key reason is your stylist uses styling tools you may not have. And besides, your stylist is a professional who has trained and perfected those skills for a long time.

Q: Does diet affect my hair?
A: Yes! Here are some ideas to “build” better hair from the inside out:
  •Eat more protein rich foods.
  •Supplements of Choline and Inositol help hair development
  •Supplements of Tyrosine (an Amino Acid) play a vital role in hair growth
  •Supplements of B vitamins help produce healthy hair
  •Supplements of Biotin, Cysteine, and Cystine aid in healthy hair growth

Q: I need more volume to my hair. How do I achieve this?
A: This is a 2 part answer
   1. Get a “wave” (not a curly perm), just enough to create the volume you desire.
   2. Apply virtually any styling tool to the roots and comb or work through to the ends. Volume occurs at the scalp area, not the ends.

Q: My hair is always frizzy, what do I do?
A: There are many great silicone based products now that will knock out the frizzies in one step. Ingredients to look for are: Dimethicone and or Cyclomethicone. They are VERY light silicone oils that can even be used on fine hair. Most of the products available are extremely concentrated, so usually a few drops will do the trick.

Q: Why does hair turn grey and what can I do about it?
A: In the aging process the hair bulb produces less hair pigment (Melanin). The absence of pigment in the Cortical layer of the hair makes the hair clear ((or grey). Although not scientifically proven, supplements of Biotin, Tyrosine, B­vitamins, Cystine, Inositol, and Choline may help slow the process.

Q: What does pH balanced mean?
A: Nothing really! By this I mean that any manufacturer can say their products are pH balanced. The pH of normal hair is between 4.5 to 5.5 (in an aqueous solution). Most companies mean their product falls into this range. However, some companies put pH balanced on the bottle as a marketing ploy. It very much depends what they are balancing the pH, water (pH 7.0), perms (6.8 to 12+).
“Hypo­alergenic” is a similar phrase meaning nothing. Hypo­allergenic means less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Less likely than what, bleach, poison ivy, acids?

Q: I recently had my naturally wavy hair straightened. It seems that the chemical of the straightener washed away my hair colouring. I don't like the reddish tone that I am now left with, so I was wondering when would it be safe to have my hair coloured? 1 week, month?. The straightener did not leave my hair in the best condition and I am afraid if I add colouring that my hair will become dull and brittle.
A: First let me tell you that in most cases a relaxer should not pull colour from your hair; the service or the product may have been too strong for your hair type. In any event it is safe to colour in a week or so if you properly condition. Try a detangling product as it has a low pH and will seal moisture in the hair. When it's time to colour, a temporary colour or a colour with a low strength developer should be used. Your stylist will know what type is best for relaxed hair. If you are considering doing this at home I offer one bit of advice, DON'T!. You can do serious damage that you never dreamed of. When asked about home services at our salon, we always tell our clients, “You can either pay us to do it right, or you can pay us DOUBLE to fix it after your hair is completely ruined”. The choice is yours!

Q: I have naturally curly hair that I get chemically straightened. Right now it is in shoulder­length layers. I am very small (5'1, 95 lbs) and couldn't find a curly hairstyle that didn't overwhelm me. However, the time that it takes to style my relaxed hair (blow­drying, curling to put body back in) is not practical for my busy schedule. Two questions. Is there a hip curly style that will not overpower my face, and can I go there without having to shave my head of all this chemically relaxed hair?
A: I think that you can get back to a style with out shaving your head, but it will take time. First try having your stylist give you a mild relaxer, one that will make your curl soft not remove it. You take weight off your hair by adding a bit of layering. If your hair is too straight you can use Velcro rollers for soft curl and wave. If you sculpt your hair off your face it should be flatter rather than over power your face.

Q: I have my hair (natural level 7) highlighted (foils) to a level 11, double 40 volume peroxide every 8 weeks. I have noticed a LOT of breakage about an inch from my scalp and think maybe it's from colour overlapping. I do not want my natural colour to grow out because I like this colour and don't want bad roots. What should I do? Thanks!
A: I would be happy to help. You obviously know about hair colour so we'll jump right to the advanced bit; if your hair is high lighted very heavy it could be overlap. High lift colour will break hair if you overlap more than once, even with the best products. Check the pH of the product with the manufacturer and also the ammonia content. If it's high (8 and up) you may want to switch products. Also, if you are using an accelerator you may want to remove it from your formula, our motto is “the slower the better”. If you have tried all of the above, I think you may want to use a Hair Repair product for about two weeks prior to colour, to improve the strength of the hair. After colour, try detangler as a conditioner as it has a low pH and will close the cuticle. All of this will of course help if the application is done in a professional manner i.e. here at the Salon. I hope this will help, please feel free to contact us any time for help.

Q: I just moved into your area last week. My requirements are pretty straightforward - a professional who listens, endeavours to give a perfect cut and a salon which provides a pleasant environment in which to spend an hour or so. Without having to take a chance from Yellow Pages. PS. I think your Web site is a great help.
A: Hey you've come to the right place. However, most salons will try to give you value and professionalism and can only do this based on time. In the hair business, time and skill, is money. Our Salon is no different. But I'm sure that if you visit us, you'll be extremely happy.

Q: Hi! I have really thick, wavy hair. I want it to be straight, but when I blow dry it, it gets frizzy anyway. Whenever I wash it, it gets very poofy and frizzy and dry. It takes so long to try to get it thinner. Is there any type of product I could put on it? Any advice would help. Thanks.
A: You could ask your stylist about a relaxer. If done by a professional, this service is a dream come true. It will calm down your hair, cut your dry time, and leave you with healthy hair. Just be advised that with most services, if not done by a professional the results can be far from perfect. Talk to your stylist and see if they agree.

Q: Please help, I have very thick, naturally curly hair. So, about 2 months ago I was bored with it. I wanted a new style, a straight style. I decided that the easiest and healthiest thing to do would be to cut it short (middle neck length) and to start blow drying it straight with a natural bristled round brush. I read somewhere that using an oval instead of a round brush would shorten drying time, but didn't work. Anyway, I figured it wouldn't be too much of a hassle and would only take 45mins - 1hr to dry at the max! But, Now it's short, I was wrong. It takes me more like 1½ - 2hrs. to blow dry. I'm a student and really don't have this time to waste even though I do it every other day. But, I love the way it looks. More so than when it's curly. I can't let it air dry because I end up looking cheap! I've thought of straighteners, but all the pros. and stylists have sworn that it completely ruins the hair, and takes forever to grow out. So, I'd really appreciate it if you would please give me some advice, tips, and info. on my hopeless in drying hair.
A: You have learned the hard way that advice from a magazine rather than a professional is often a waste of time and money. As a curly head who tried blow drying and tired of looking like Gumby in wet weather I think Relaxer is the way to go. If your stylist does not have the skill try a new professional, but choose well. Relaxer done by a stylist or friend without proper training can be VERY bad! If done properly, a slight relaxer service can give you soft curl with bounce opening the door to two styles. You could wear your hair with the curl, or blow straight for a change. Try not to blow­dry your hair too much as even great hair can suffer from the over­stressing. Most people with curl hate it, but if worn correctly it is one of the most fashionable & timeless looks. You are of course going to have to grow your hair back a bit first now.

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