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Hair & Beauty Salon

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Our Special Offers & discounts do not apply to any Retail products purchased in store & cannot be used in conjunction with any of our other offers & are subject to availability & applicable time slots.

*Our Recommend-a-Friend offer is applicable to the introduction of a new client only & you both have a like-for-like service. You & your friend will receive 20% each off your bill.

**Our £5 off with Consultation offer is available to new clients only.

PLEASE REMEMBER: No two heads of hair are alike. Even twins can at times have hair characteristics that are different to one another. Hair characteristics can also change quite dramatically throughout a person's life, as can the styling & colour requirement. Therefore, any price quoted will be bespoke & personally tailored to an individual's hair characteristics, styling & colour requirement.

For your safety, if you choose to go ahead with our Colouring, you will be required to perform a “Skin Test” to assess your compatibility & potential reaction to our colour preparations.

Please note: New clients who have not been to us before may be required to pay a deposit when pre-booking their appointment.

Cancellations: From time-to-time clients may need to cancel or reschedule their appointments. Please give at least 24 hours notice otherwise an administration fee may be charged. "No show" appointments will be charged an administration fee. (Applies to all clients)

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